Bryndís Bolladóttir

Bryndís Bolladóttir

 Bryndís Bolladóttir is a textile designer and artist who runs a production studio in Reykjavik, Iceland. She is inspired by architecture, design and art which reflect her interaction between functional and visual installations. Playfulness is important to her through different setups and through different functions of the same idea. Bryndís uses Icelandic material in her work which is also inspirational to her approach in design. Bryndís is an award-winning designer and has exhibited and sold her designs to several private homes and to public places in Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and the Netherlands. She is collaborating with the Danish design company Normann Copenhagen with part of her KULA collection.



  • DesignMarch, Reykjavik: Epal design store; KULA-Light.
  • Stockholm Furniture Fair: Sound Absorption and Diffusion installations presented with Iceland Design.
  • Embassy of Iceland in Toyko: KULA Sound Absorber and Diffuser.





  • Frankfurt Book Fair: KULA Sound Absorber and Diffuser with Iceland design.
  • DesignMarch, Reykjavik: 10+ Furniture Exhibition; LINA Sound Absorber and Diffuser / AURUM design store; Swan collection / Epal design store; KULA Sound Absorber and Diffuser. 


  • Galleria Norsu Helsinki: KULA Trivet and KULA Hook.
  • Culture House Reykjavik: KULA Trivet and KULA Hook.
  • DesignMatch, Reykjavik: Contract of Sale with Danish design company Normann- Copenhagen, KULA Trivet and KULA Hook for sale on Website:
  • DesignMarch: Gallery Saevar Karl Reykjavik; KULA Collection / National Museum
  • of Iceland, Co-Exhibition Textile Guild of Iceland / 10+ Furniture Exhibition; presenting KULA Sound Absorber and Diffuser.
  • Changing Fibers, Borås: Co-Exhibition; Clusters sculpture and talk about own work. 


  • Gallery Saevar Karl, Reykjavik: Private Exhibition “Sushi” on patterns in wool and co-exhibition “Brunnur” on Cluster sculptures.
  • DesignMarch, Reykjavik: Studio 104; Patterns in wool.
  • Thverskurdur Gerdarsafn, Kopavogur: Curator and exhibitor with textile
  • sculpture. 


  • Hot Ice Gallery, Amsterdam: Private exhibition on textiles tableware.


  • The Association of Icelandic Visual Artists, Reykjavik: Clusters sculpture. 


  • Designer and producer of Light collection.


  • Lived and worked in Stockholm, Sweden. 


2013 – Iceland Design Fund; Marketing KULA in Scandinavia.

2011 – Women Entrepreneur Fund; Making a business plan.